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Meet Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynne is a gifted medium whose extraordinary abilities have intrigued and captivated those looking for connections beyond the material world. Emerging as a guiding light and source of comfort, Jessica assists those in search of reconnecting with departed loved ones. Using her profound spiritual insight and empathetic approach, Jessica has dedicated her life to bridging the gap between the living and the spirit world.


Jessica embarked on her path as a medium at an early age, after the passing of her beloved Nana. Rescuing Jessica from a tumultuous home environment plagued by substance abuse, Nana became Jessica’s sole stability, providing her with a secure and nurturing home. Driven by her desire to reconnect with her Nana, Jessica was drawn towards spirituality. Engaging in meditation sessions and forming bonds with individuals who shared and understood her spiritual gifts, she found comfort and the encouragement to freely express and accept herself.


She studied a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Psychology & Sociology and undertook Psychic Mediumship development under world renowned Psychic Medium Erica Aimino.

Jessica's remarkable journey has accrued scores of testimonials from those who have experienced the transformative power of her readings. Whether it's a message from a departed family member, a comforting presence from the other side, or insights into the mysteries of the beyond, Jessica has become a trusted guide for those who are seeking support and understanding. Her unique ability to deliver messages with clarity and compassion has earned her a reputation as a sought-after medium.


Jessica believes that her mission is not only to bring comfort to those in grief but also to dispel the fear and scepticism surrounding mediumship, offering a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions that exist.   

What People Are Saying About Jessica

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