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Step Back Into Your Power & Speak Your Truth!

I have seen so many of my gorgeous friends who radiate light and love (and genuinely make this world a better place), be treated so poorly because they always "go with the flow". They are "the easy ones". Until one day, they either snap (and look like a crazy person) OR they break.

I used to be a people pleaser. I was so riddled with anxiety about making any choice or decision because I was afraid I was going to be disliked or make the wrong move & end up in the gutter.

Over the years I was unwillingly guided into situations and taken to destinations that didn't resonate with me AT ALL!! It wasn't until I started to find my voice and stand in my power that everything changed. Don't let anyone manoeuvre you to suit them.

It's one of my greatest lessons in this life that I want to share and I hope it prompts you to evaluate the following:

· Are you making choices based on what you want?

· Have you landed somewhere and don't even know how the f*ck you got there?

It's time to take back control and assert those boundaries!

You can be a beautiful caring person and still be a badass b*tch that knows her worth and is willing to fight for herself.

I know so many Women that put everyone else first. This is your reminder to please look after yourself. Your mental health matters. The more you focus on you & do the work the easier it will be for you to show up for yourself & your family.

You are worth it!

Jess xx


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